UNI Coin and These 3 Altcoins Skyrocketed Today! So why?

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing very active days lately. This week, there were important developments such as the proposed management change in Uniswap, which is behind the UNI coin project, the plan to reduce the inflation rate in EOS, Flare receiving investment, and the increase in the price of Zcash thanks to Grayscale’s Privacy ETF. These developments attract the attention of investors and create a positive atmosphere in the market.

Critical developments for UNI coin

A proposal has been made to change the management style of Uniswap, one of the largest platforms in the cryptocurrency industry. With this proposal, it is aimed to make people who participate in the management of the platform more active and to reward users who stake UNI tokens. Voting on this proposal made by Uniswap Foundation will take place on March 1 and 8. According to market data, UNI has gained nearly 80% on a daily basis and is trading above $12.

Apart from the UNI coin decision, the inflation rate in EOS Coin will decrease

The CEO of EOS, one of the cryptocurrency projects, announced that the coin’s inflation rate will decrease. According to the statement, the maximum supply of the coin will be limited to 2 billion and newly produced coins will be released over time. In this way, while inactive users on the network will be diluted, active users will be rewarded. According to TradingView data, EOS price is 1.5% on a daily basis; It increased by 6% on a weekly basis.

Investment arrived in the Flare project

Flare, one of the blockchain projects, received a total investment of $ 35 million from several investors. Among the names that invested in the project were Kenetic, Aves Lair and several others. While investors were required to sell no more than 0.5% of the daily transaction volume, it was also announced that Flare would burn 66 million tokens per month until January 2026. According to TradingView data, FLR gained more than 7% on a daily basis and is trading at $0.041.

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Grayscale effect on Zcash price

Zcash’s price rose 20% following Grayscale’s Privacy ETF application. This shows that interest in cryptocurrency-based ETFs is increasing. Grayscale’s ETF brings together cybersecurity and privacy technology and aims to track companies in sub-sectors such as blockchain, privacy and data security. 10% of the ETF is allocated to Grayscale Zcash Trust. This creates a bridge between traditional stock investments and digital assets.

These news show that there are important developments in the cryptocurrency market. Developments such as the change of management in Uniswap and the increase in the price of UNI, the reduction of the inflation rate in EOS and the investment of Flare attract the attention of investors. The increase in Zcash price shows the impact of Grayscale’s Privacy ETF application. These developments show that the cryptocurrency market is maturing and becoming more accepted by investors.

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