Underway, Tesla caught fire as we stopped

The Tesla model vehicle, which was driving on the highway in the city of Sacramento, California, USA, caught fire out of nowhere.

As terrible as the news of conventional cars on fire is, it’s a little more commonplace and you know what’s going on. However, when a similar situation occurs in electric vehicles, the event can be more frightening and confusing.

A Tesla model vehicle in California, due to a battery problem. out of nowhere it was suddenly engulfed in flames.

Fire crews used 22,712 liters of water to extinguish the burning Tesla

According to the statements made by the authorities after the incident, the Tesla Model S, which was traveling at a speed suitable for the highway, as you can see from the image. It has become the embodiment of pert climbing.. Fortunately, no one in the vehicle was injured.

The cause of the accident is currently unknown. The vehicle unexpectedly suddenly the battery started to catch fire.


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The hardest part of the extinguishing process is extinguishing the flame burning under the vehicle. Firefighters used a crane to extinguish the flames under the vehicle. For now, no statement has been made from Tesla officials.

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