Underground Vehicle Combat Mole Developed by Soviet Russia

If the term “dark submarine” sounds unfamiliar to you, you’re not alone. What were the details of this project, planned in the depths of the Cold War to infiltrate under enemy lines and create destruction with nuclear power, and did it really exist?

Not underwater, underground! Maybe this term From Ninja Turtles you are familiar with it. The war machines designed to wipe the American state of New York off the map are like something out of a science fiction movie.

The concept of a land submarine can be misleading as it technically operates underground, not at sea. Project, Cold War era It was one of those surreal weapon projects that pushed the limits of the engineers’ imagination. Let’s take a look at the details of this story together.

The first experiments, led by Soviet engineer Alexander Tripelev in the 1930s, aimed to discover underground resources.

Developed prototype, only 12 meters was able to proceed, causing the project to be shelved. With the advent of the Cold War, this idea became popular with those seeking modern methods of warfare. Nikita Khrushchev It was revived by.

war mole russia

During the Cold War, the Soviets and Americans began working on vehicles that could move underground. of the Soviets “War Mole” The project, known as , was to penetrate American underground missile facilities without being detected. infiltrate and destroy them from below It was designed for.

These vehicles used a nuclear reactor-powered cutting head and could travel at a speed of approximately 7 km per hour.

The visual was created with artificial intelligence.

Although it is a big rumor, it is believed to have happened in 1964. testing phase, It was a great success for the Soviets.

Apparently the giant machine; disappears into the ground, works incredibly fast and it excited many Soviet generals. The vehicle accomplished an impressive feat by covering a distance of 10 kilometers at extraordinary speed.

He managed to move through different types of hard rocks, cracked rocks, sand and gravel. While tunneling around by melting the materials It created an incredibly strong tunnel without leaving any debris behind.

According to what is said, the vehicle met a devastating end by turning into a huge thermonuclear fireball deep underground.

Underground vehicle Soviet Russia

The incident involved everyone, including the commander. with the crew evaporating and the disaster led to the complete collapse of the tunnel. Any attempt to repair the remains of the vehicle was subsequently abandoned and the program effectively ended.

Did this really happen or was it just crazy? Cold War rumor It is not known whether it was true or not, but it is certain that it had a story that earned its place in the pages of history.

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