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UN expert: Human rights in Russia have been curtailed since the beginning of the war

According to a report by a UN expert, at least 295 people have been charged or convicted in Russia since last year for allegedly spreading fake news or denigrating the armed forces. In her report presented in Geneva on Monday, Bulgarian Mariana Katzarova referred to new laws that included these criminal offenses. The UN Human Rights Council appointed the special rapporteur on the situation in Russia in 2022.

Human rights have been curtailed in Russia for years, the report says. Among other things, she named laws that restrict opinion and assembly work and those against people from the LGBTIQ+ group. The abbreviation stands for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans people, intersex people, queer people. The plus sign is intended as a placeholder for additional identities.

Since 2000, 43 journalists have been murdered, including those who reported on the North Caucasus. She referred to information from the Committee to Protect Journalists. “Russia has long been one of the worst countries when it comes to murders of journalists,” Katzarova wrote. Since last year, at least 38 charges have been brought against journalists relating to the controversial laws against false news and defamation of the armed forces. The state also intimidates artists so that they do not express criticism of the system.

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