Twitter Shares Data About Squid Game

Twitter shared social media data about the Squid Game, which broke records. According to the shared data on the effects of the series on social media, Squid Game was defined as the most influential and popular series of this year.

From the day it was released on Netflix breaking records and Squid Game, which does not fall off the agenda, continues to be mentioned. Many events are held regarding the series, which has reached a wildly popular popularity in the world. Of course, it is possible to see the plays of the TV series at the municipal festivals held in our country.

Squid Game is one of the most talked about topics on social media. Twitter is among the analyzes it has announced for the TV series and film industry. Squid Game He also shared his influence on social media by including his TV series. In the analysis performed, Squid Game of this year most effective and popular defined as a series.

Squid Game raises interest in South Korean culture

According to new data, 6 tweets shared in 1 second are about TV shows and movies. is seen. In this direction, even the final series continues to be talked about for a long time. In recent years, one of the TV series that has made the biggest impact in this direction has been Squid Game. Twitter, in line with the analysis it announced, regarding Squid Game, which it defines as the most influential and popular TV series of this year, said:It also increased the interest shown in other TV series and movies from South Korea.” he stated.

From a demographic point of view, those who tweet the most about Squid Game in our country 37 percent It is stated that there are young people in the 18-24 age range, followed by the 25-34 age range with 35.7 percent. In the statement about the data, “As a result, the view count of tweets containing videos, such as reviews of television shows or additional scenes, has increased significantly compared to last year.” was included.


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