Twitter has stopped a feature on iOS and Android!

twitter, AMP made a decision about his service. The popular social media platform recently announced an update. The company fixed an issue by taking into account complaints from users. Users in the web version ‘disappearing tweet’ He was complaining about his problem. In other words, since the page is automatically refreshed while reading a tweet, the tweet being read falls back.

Finally, the social media company made a new statement. According to this, iOS and Android stopped opening links in AMP on devices. The feature will be phased out before 2022.

Apple is going to change its working model!

Apple is preparing to invite its employees to its offices. The company gave details about the new business model via e-mail.

Twitter silently cuts AMP support

The VergeAccording to the news of , SEO expert Christian Oliveira He noticed a development on Twitter. Oliveira, Twitter on mobile Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) announced that it has withdrawn its support. This feature, which is important for SEO, is the coding technique for faster opening of mobile pages.

Twitter has discontinued AMP on iOS and Android

Adding an update to the description on the support page twitterstated that it will deprecate the AMP feature by the end of the year. However, this feature of TwitterOS and AndroidBy removing it from , this process seems to be complete. Now when you try to visit a page from Twitter directly instead of the AMP version to the web page You will be guided.

Twitter, of AMP fast loading, high performance He stated that he allowed mobile web experiences. However Google’s This technology, which he introduced in 2015, is also quite controversial. Much of the controversy stems from Google’s control over the project. Some experts said that Google is trying to strengthen its control over the open web. Also, Twitter in the user interface was causing various problems.

By the way, Twitter’s statement on this issue does not state the reason for the policy change. So, do you have any comments on this change? We welcome your comments on the subject…

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