Turkish Scientist Had His Students Prepare Final Questions

Umut Yıldız, who teaches at METU, had his students prepare questions for the final exam. Yıldız, who shared those questions on X, became a hot topic on social media with her application.

Scientist who ended his career at NASA and returned to Turkey and started teaching at METU Hope Star, has created a work that is on the agenda of social media. Umut Yıldız, who was disturbed by the low average in the first exam he took for the course, asked his students for the final exam. asked them to prepare questions. The scientist announced that with this move, he has a question bank containing at least 2,000 questions.

Umut Yıldız’s post on his official X account soon became popular. received thousands of interactions. Some argued that the questions should be difficult, while others argued that they should be easy. Let’s take a look at both Umut Yıldız’s statement and the responses he received. let’s take a closer look.

Umut Yıldız’s post:

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