Turkey’s Richest People Revealed! (2024)

Forbes, announced the richest people in the world for 2024, as it does every year. A few names from our country were also included in this list. So, who are the richest people in Turkey according to this ranking? Who’s in first place? Here is the richest person in Turkey…

ForbesWhen we look at the list shared by for our country, we see that the richest person in Turkey is Murat Ülker We see that it is. $5.1 billion Sitting in the leadership seat with his net worth Ülkeris ranked 597th in the world list.

Murat Ülker

If in second place Şaban Cemil Kazancı It is located. $3.5 billion net worth earningsthe $3.1 billion İpek Kıraç, who has a fortune, is following. In the rest of the list 3 billion dollars with Semahat Sevim Arsel And $2.8 billion with İbrahim Erdemoğlu We also see their names. You can find the full ranking below.

Elon Musk is no longer the richest person in the world!

Elon Musk is no longer the richest person in the world!

Forbes updated its list of the richest people in the world. The summit changed its name. Here is the richest person in the world…

As of 2024, the richest people in Turkey were listed as follows;

Order Name Net Wealth
one Murat Ülker $5.1 billion
2 Şaban Cemil Kazancı $3.5 billion
3 İpek Kıraç $3.1 billion
4 Semahat Sevim Arsel 3 billion dollars
5 İbrahim Erdemoğlu $2.8 billion
6 Erman Ilıcak $2.7 billion
7 Mustafa Rahmi Koç $2.7 billion
8 Ali Erdemoğlu $2.5 billion
9 Ferit Faik Şahenk $2.4 billion
10 Hamdi Ulukaya $2.3 billion
11th Filiz Şahenk $2.2 billion
12 Mustafa Kucuk 2 billion dollars
13 Sezai Bacaksız $1.9 billion
14 Şefik Yılmaz Dizdar $1.9 billion
15 Nihat Özdemir $1.9 billion
16 Mehmet Sinan Tara and his Family $1.9 billion
17 Ali Metin Kazancı $1.6 billion
18 Ahmet Calik $1.5 billion
19 Bülent Eczacıbaşı $1.5 billion
20 Hamdi Akın and his Family $1.4 billion
21 Faruk Eczacıbaşı $1.3 billion
22 Mehmet Aydinlar $1.2 billion
23 Selcuk Bayraktar $1.2 billion
24 Aydin Dogan $1.2 billion
25 Deniz Şahenk $1.2 billion
26 Haluk Bayraktar $1.1 billion
27 Murat Vargi $1 billion

So what do you think about this issue? Was there a name you expected to see in the list of Turkey’s richest people? You can share your opinions with us in the Comments section below.

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