Turkey’s 7th generation drill ship entered the inventory!

Turkey currently carries out drilling activities with 3 different ships within the borders of the Blue Homeland in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. As a matter of fact, a natural gas reserve of 540 billion cubic meters was found as a result of these studies in the past period. Now, a 7th generation drill ship with much more advanced technologies than its predecessors has been included in the inventory.

There are only 5 7th generation drill ships in the world!

Following the great discovery made in the Black Sea, Turkey stepped up its hydrocarbon exploration activities. Of course, a large investment is made in the fleet. Because with 4 new ships purchased in 4 years, we see that a new member is included every day.

Critical development for the National Combat Aircraft!

Thanks to the software developed for the National Combat Aircraft, the testing process was reduced by 70 percent. In addition, physical costs are eliminated.

Fatih drilling ship, formerly Deepsea Metro II, purchased by Turkish Petroleum Corporation in 2018, is in the top 5 of 16 ships in the 6th generation class. The new drilling ship, also made in South Korea and one of only 5 ships in its class, set off from Korea on 7 March. As of 19 May, it docked at Taşucu Port in Mersin.

7th generation drill ship

The drill ship, which entered the inventory today, uses the new generation Pressure Control Drilling system. Of course, it’s not just that. It incorporates many technologies such as mapping the area it works in, location marking, seismic research support.

7th generation drill ship features:

  • Length: 238 meters (2.5 football fields)
  • Width: 42 meters
  • Tower height: 104 meters.
  • Weight: 61 thousand 494 MT
  • Number of crew: 200 people
  • Highest drilling depth: 12 thousand 120 meters
  • water depth: 3 thousand 600 meters
  • number of towers: 2 towers
  • BOP system: 2 pcs

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