Turkey Adopts Digital Services Tax

Turkey was included in the previously prepared memorandum between the USA and 5 countries that apply digital services tax. Thus, Turkey, to abolish the digital service tax; The United States also agreed to remove additional customs duties.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCD) finalized the agreement on the taxation of multinational companies after lengthy negotiations in October. 136 countries, including Turkey, from 140 countries under the umbrella of the organization, the technology giant known as GAFAM multinational corporations to pay the global minimum tax of 15% he accepted.

Subsequently, on October 21, the U.S. Department of the Treasury issued a statement regarding the new corporate tax and transitional arrangements to remove taxes on existing digital services, and U.S. trade investigations into these taxes. currently imposing these taxes Austria announced that it had reached an agreement with France, Italy, Spain and England. According to the information shared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, this agreement Turkey was also included.

Additional customs duties will be removed:

Turkey is included in the memorandum of understanding signed between the USA and the 5 countries that apply Digital Services Tax, Austria, France, Italy, Spain and England. Under this agreement, the United States To remove additional customs duties towards Turkey will move. The decisions taken with the new agreement, including Turkey, are stated as follows:

“These countries will continue to apply digital service taxes until the multilateral agreement containing the latest agreement on corporate tax is signed and entered into force. A portion of the digital services tax accrued between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023 (if the international agreement enters into force earlier) is deducted from the corporate tax payable pursuant to the multilateral agreement in the following years. will be deducted. Thus, corporate tax will be calculated as if the new rules were valid during the transition period. The digital services taxes above this amount will be deducted from the corporate tax that will be paid by the companies included in the scope in the following years. In return, the US will also remove additional tariffs.


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In the last few years, some countries, which think that corporate tax is not properly collected from the earnings of especially large technology companies, have made different regulations under the names such as digital service tax. The USA, on the other hand, launched a trade investigation against the countries applying digital services tax on the grounds that their companies were discriminated against, and as a result of this investigation, Turkey, India, England, Italy, Spain and Austria decision to impose additional customs duty had received.

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