Traffic light will set up climate ministry – Greens do not want to leave the FDP finance ministry without a fight

That Institute of the German Economy (IW) demands from the new government according to a newspaper a faster expansion of renewable energies. If the current pace is maintained, there is a risk of a massive “green electricity gap”, “Welt” quotes from an IW study. “The previous expansion targets, which were only adopted at the beginning of the year, are nowhere near sufficient. Failure to meet the climate targets as a result had not only political consequences, but above all ecological costs “, according to a preliminary report.

The chief executive of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, appealed to the SPD, Greens and FDP, to offer municipalities effective incentives for a faster expansion of renewable energies. The expansion must also be made attractive for local people, demanded Landsberg in the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. “This can be done through a greater financial contribution to the income for the municipalities, which then directly benefits local projects.”

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