Top game in Darmstadt: Lieberknecht “Our desire for St. Pauli increases” – 2nd Bundesliga

Darmstadt’s training is teeming with people. With the exception of Fabian Schnellhardt, everyone is on the field and wants to beat the leaders St. Pauli on Saturday (1.30 p.m.).

Lilien trainer Torsten Lieberknecht (48): “Our desire for the game on Saturday is increasing day by day. We look forward to the test of strength with a strong opponent. “

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Lieberknecht also makes his team self-confident: “We try to really teach the boys what makes us strong.” Because Darmstadt is the best team in the last five games, scoring 13 points.

And currently has the hottest attack in the league. Phillip Tietz has already scored 13 goals, Luca Pfeiffer 12. More important against the second division first could be the defense around goalkeeper Marcel Schuhe. Lieberknecht: “St. Pauli switches perfectly. We need a careful defense. “

One thing is clear: With the fifth home win in a row, the Darmstadt-based company could attack at the top and slowly actually dream of returning to the Bundesliga.

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