This Ratio Increased to 100 Percent in Bitcoin: Opportunity Arises for Investors

Bitcoin, which has appreciated by more than 30 percent since the beginning of this year, offers various opportunities to investors.

According to CoinGlass data, the funding rate of perpetual Bitcoin futures contracts on Binance is more than a year later first time up to over 100% output.

In Bybit and Deribit exchanges, this rate is respectively reached 95% and 56% was seen.

Funding rates are related to the value of perpetual futures contracts. prices in the spot market provides harmony between. Funding rates are in the positive zone, long position investors who bought took a short position It means it pays a fee to investors.

According to Markus Thielen, founder of 10X Research, increasing funding rates bullish continues to take position is showing.

Thielen, “Funding rates in contracts are exploding and open positions continue to climb, with a value of $14.4 billion. Investors await halving and flows in ETFs instead of bullish He becomes more and more confident.” said.

Thielen, arbitrage investors Thanks to this increase in funding rates you can get a return opportunity he thinks.

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