This Altcoin Is Leaving Its Own Network and Switching to Ethereum: Sharp Rise in Price!

Cosmos (ATOM)-based layer-1 blockchain Canto (CANTO) plans to migrate to Ethereum and become a ZK (zero knowledge) supported layer-2 network.

It provides bridge services between blockchains and is also advanced cross-chain Canto, which offers services, is preparing to become a ZK-supported layer-2 network by switching from its own blockchain, Canto Chain, to Ethereum. While it is stated that Canto will be built on Polygon, Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) It was stated that it would receive support from .

Polygon CDK, ZK to create Ethereum-backed Layer-2s an open source codebase service and offers a compatible transition, especially for projects operating on multiple blockchains such as Canto. With this move, Canto will be able to integrate into Ethereum more easily, as well as benefit from the liquidity of the Polygon ecosystem.

On the other hand, Ethereum L-2 solutions, faster, scalable And low costly It is preferred by projects as it provides a solid transaction basis for Canto and similar cryptocurrency projects for services.

Making a statement on the subject, a Canto spokesperson explained that Polygon CDK was the most reasonable option for them:

After evaluating several options, we decided that Polygon CDK would be the most suitable transition vehicle for Canto’s decentralized, secure and liquidity-friendly structure. In this way, we will be able to ensure a seamless integration into L-2.

With this move, Canto has previously switched to Ethereum L-2 in a similar manner. To Celo (CELO) will have attended.

According to CoinGecko data, in a short time due to the news flow close to 18% Rising CANTO From $0.112 to $0.132 reached. CANTO while writing from $0.129 is being traded.

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