These 4 Altcoins Could Make a Strong Run: Analysts Identify Targets!

Crypto analyst David expects a sharp increase in RDNT price. Analyst Valdrin Tahiri sees a 60 percent potential for MATIC. Additionally, the analyst draws a bullish projection for an altcoin jumping into the top 10. Analyst Ibrahim Ajibadei, who predicts a recovery in LTC, determines the targets for the token.

Radiant Capital (RDNT) price forecast: A sharp rise is possible

RDNT price has been trading below a descending resistance line since it was rejected in the $0.33 resistance area on July 24 (red arrow). This move brought the price down to $0.19 on September 11. It also caused a breakout from the key $0.20 support zone. However, RDNT quickly regained this region over the next two days (green ellipse). So, it turned out to be a false malfunction. This is an upward development. Therefore, this is usually followed by strong upward movements.

RDNT daily chart. Source: TradingView

The descending resistance line currently coincides with the previous support area at $0.25. Therefore, it is likely to provide strong resistance when touched. However, the daily RSI indicator has broken above the descending resistance line (red line). Also, it is trending upward. This shows that the bulls are trying to regain control. Moreover, such breakouts in the RSI indicator often lead to similar breakouts in price movement. Therefore, the altcoin price has the potential to break above this combination of resistance levels and move towards the $0.33 resistance once again.

MATIC price prediction: There is 60% potential for the altcoin

Looking at the shorter-term six-hour time frame, it appears that MATIC price will successfully break out of the long-term resistance line. The main reason for this is that the price has already broken out of a short-term declining wedge. Analysts consider the wedge as a bullish formation. Therefore, it is possible that this formation catalyzes a breakout from the long-term resistance line.

The six-hour RSI supports the ongoing price increase and a move above the long-term resistance line. The indicator is moving upwards and broke above 50. The main remaining hurdle for the altcoin is the minor resistance at $0.53. Once MATIC breaks above this, it will likely move towards the resistance at $0.85.

MATIC Six-Hourly Chart. Source: TradingView

Therefore, the most likely prediction is a breakout from the resistance line and a rise towards $0.85. However, if the price is rejected from the resistance line, a 35% drop to the $0.35 horizontal support area will likely be the future altcoin price action.

TON price forecast: How long will the increase continue?

Technical analysis on the shorter-term six-hour timeframe shows that Toncoin price is likely in the fifth and final wave of a five-wave uptrend (white). Technical analysts use Elliott Wave theory as a tool to identify recurring long-term price patterns and investor psychology that help them determine the direction of a trend.

According to the census, the altcoin price is approaching the end of the fifth wave. A possible target for the top is $2.77. We find the target by reflecting the length of the first and third waves onto the bottom of the fourth wave. This goal is achieved when the fifth wave expands, as in TON. A significant correction is likely after reaching the top. The target for the bottom depends on the exact top. However, a possible area is between $1.77-$1.97, which is the 0.5-0.618 Fib retracement support levels.

TON Six-Hourly Chart. Source: TradingView

This will likely coincide with a retest of the long-term descending resistance line. As a result, the most likely TON price prediction is bullish. This is an increase towards the December 2022 high of $2.97. However, we foresee a possible peak at $2.77. It is possible that failure to reach this level could lead to a 20% decline towards the $1.77-$1.97 region.

LTC price prediction: Altcoin $80 target achievable!

When we look at it from the on-chain perspective, cryptokoin.comIf the upcoming Fed meeting, which you can follow on , yields a positive outcome for the crypto market, whales are likely to trigger another Litecoin price rally towards the $80 region. In/Loss Around Price data showing the purchase price distribution of existing LTC holders also confirms this bullish stance.

If the altcoin price clears the $68 barrier, it suggests that the bulls will gain momentum to push $81. As you can see below, 168,020 addresses buying 1 million LTC at the maximum price of $68 are currently forming major resistance. But if the whales’ optimism intensifies, it is possible that the Litecoin price rally could reach $81.

Litecoin IOMAP data. September 2023. Source: IntoTheBlock

Conversely, if the LTC price falls below $50, the bears will likely take control. However, 623,820 addresses have purchased 5.23 million Litecoin at a minimum price of $59. They can provide significant support by making diligent attempts to close their positions. However, if this support level collapses, it is possible for the altcoin price to eventually drop towards $50.

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