The YouTuber with the Most Subscribers Has Changed

The YouTuber, who has the most individual subscribers on YouTube, has changed for the first time in years. MrBeast has taken over PewDiePie’s throne.

One of the fastest rising names in the YouTube world in recent years MrBeasthas achieved another historic success today. The content producer, who is known for his high-budget content and adapts Squid Game to real life, is in the individual category. YouTuber with the most subscribers it happened.

MrBeast dethroned PewDiePie, the longtime YouTube leader in this regard. MrBeast’s subscriber count has increased by almost 160k in just the last 1 day. It passed the record number of 111 million 846 thousand 79.

Moments when MrBeast dethroned PewDiePie in their subscriber count:

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