The world’s lightest electric bike was introduced!

Diodra, one of the prominent electric vehicle brands of recent times, has become a hot topic this time with its S3 model, introduced as the world’s lightest electric bicycle. The product, which weighs only 15 kg, is said to be made largely of bamboo. The bicycle, which is expected to stand out from its competitors thanks to its lightness and be in great demand, is expected to make a splash in the electric transportation industry.

Instead of electric bicycles made mainly of aluminum material, Diodra uses bamboo material, which offers a weight advantage through a radical production technique. Here are all the details about the subject…

Thus, it is claimed that the electric bicycle provides a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly ride than its counterparts, and is also light and powerful. However, it was stated that the seat tube of the product is also made of aluminum material.

In addition, the bike’s frame offers very good performance even in the most difficult weather conditions with its two-layer coating. In addition, it was also announced that bamboo has a special vibration absorbing feature.

Diodra S3, which has a motor power limited to 250 Watts in accordance with European Union regulations, can reach a speed of 25 km per hour. The bike also has a special torque sensor and electronic gear shifting feature.

With its battery capacity of 300 Wh, the product can cover a distance of nearly 100 km at the lowest power level. Diodra S3 is already available for pre-order in the European market with a price tag of $ 2,399.

These features are not available on the motorcycle!  Orbic's 5G supported electric bike introduced

These features are not available on the motorcycle! Orbic’s 5G supported electric bike introduced

At the 2024 MWC, a 5G-supported, anti-collision electric bicycle, which is the first in the world, was introduced. Here are the features of Orbic E-Bike.

So what do you think about this issue? Do you think Diodra S3 will be a good sales success? Do you use an electric bike? You can easily share your answers with us in the comments section below. Your opinions are very valuable to us.

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