The unborn child should die: HE had his pregnant girlfriend attacked | Regional

Hamburg – She should lose her child before the birth!

The 26-year-old Ahmad H. is said to have organized two brutal attacks on his pregnant girlfriend Samuela A. in October 2019 and April 2020. But his plan didn’t work out! Because his son was born a little later by emergency caesarean section in the Marienkrankenhaus.

“You have to bring that first! To hit a very pregnant woman who is your own partner, ”said the presiding judge at the time.

Verdict: A prison sentence of three years and three months!

The Syrian had appealed against this and has now had to answer again before the Hamburg district court since Tuesday.

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The court saw it as proven that AH, with unknown accomplices, staged two attacks on his pregnant girlfriend Samuela (then 17). Motive: She should lose her baby!

In the first attack in a park, the young woman was nine weeks pregnant, and in the second, she was eight months pregnant. She was severely hit and kicked both times, especially in the stomach. In the end, AH pulled a jacket over her head and fought with her. Then he threw himself to the ground and pretended to be injured too.

The Syrian is said to have been supported by a second man. His Syrian friend (26, boxer), who had been charged with him, was acquitted. There was no evidence that he was one of the accomplices.

In the newly opened trial, the defendant broke his silence at the Hamburg Regional Court on Tuesday and denied some of the allegations. “I have nothing to do with the first case,” said the defendant. “I wanted the child. (…) I wanted to marry her, ”the Syrian continued.

Ahmad AH is in custody

Photo: Stefan Hesse

Victim Samuela A .: “After Ahmad found out about the pregnancy, he was a completely different person. The first few days he didn’t want to talk to me at all. ”

Then he begged her on his knees, gave her presents, but she refused an abortion. Days later the first attack: In the park “An der Steinbek” she was knocked to the ground by an unknown person and kicked in the stomach.

She was shocked to see that her friend let go of the attacker. There she was in the 9th week of pregnancy.

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Said to have struck: Bashir Y. (26)

Photo: Stefan Hesse

In the 8th month the second attack, again in a park. Samuela A .: “I thought that I was going to die now. The man hits and hits – and Ahmad joins in! “

The defendant fully admitted that he was involved in the second attack. However, he only wanted to “scare” his girlfriend, he protested. Shortly before, he found out that she should have cheated on him with his best friend. For that he wanted to punish her. He did not want blows in the abdomen, he regretted that.

“I wasn’t stupid enough to get her pregnant and then have an abortion. I didn’t just want one child from her, I wanted lots of children. “

A little later her son was born in the Marienkrankenhaus by emergency caesarean section. He is said to have a funnel breast, cause unclear.

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Samuela A. in court. Her son was born unharmed by emergency caesarean section

Photo: Stefan Hesse

The young woman is said to have had premature labor as a result of the second attack, so that an emergency caesarean section occurred.

However, the child and the young mother survived the attacks without permanent physical damage.