The time given to Yemeksepeti by hackers is coming to an end!

Yemeksepeti can’t keep its name out of the headlines. A claim has been made that the company, which has been on the agenda with data leaks in the past months, has been hacked again. A hacker group tried to extort money from the company, claiming it had accessed 60 million people’s data.

However, Yemeksepeti denied these allegations. He also stated that he would not accept the requests of hackers who reached them and that they did not detect any internal leaks or hacks. Thereupon, the hackers gave the company 1 week. He said that if he didn’t get money in his account within this time, he would put the data up for sale.

Nevzat Aydın resigned: Here is the new CEO of Yemeksepeti!

Yemeksepeti, one of Turkey’s largest online food and grocery ordering platforms, announced that it has changed its CEO.

Hackers continue their claims!

Yemeksepeti denied all allegations of hacking. But the hackers, who said that they hold the personal data of 60 million people, claimed to have leaked them from the company by sharing the personal information of the journalists they contacted on the subject.

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The hackers, who interviewed DW via e-mail, claim that they have made a cyber attack on Yemeksepeti and that the data they have is new. In addition, these hackers said that they are a Russia-based organization and for security reasons, they cannot give information about the name and number of people of the group.

Claiming to have hacked Yemeksepeti, the group says they first contacted Nevzat Aydın, the former CEO of the company, and conveyed their demands. He states that there was no special reason for their attack, but that they thought they could get payment from Aydın, and that they did so because they were not able to receive this payment.

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