The Team Behind the Hacked Project Announced That They Started a New Project!

Shaken by the recent hacking of over 130 million dollars of multichain The team behind it has announced a new project, surprisingly called ValueRouter.

Multichain Team Announced the ValueRouter Project After the Hack Incident

This initiative, based on a similar concept to the previous project, has raised suspicion in the crypto community.

Previously known as Anyswap, Multichain facilitated seamless bridging of crypto assets between various blockchain networks.

ValueRouter offers a familiar offering, as described on its website: “Exchange any asset for any asset you want across multiple chains in a single transaction.”

The newly announced initiative provides users with Ethereum, Avalanche, Optimism and Arbitrum It appears to authorize the transfer or exchange of assets between blockchains.

The ValueRouter team explains:

“ValueRouter is a unified protocol that simplifies multi-chain asset exchanges by integrating Circle CCTP and DEXs, enabling developers to build cross-chain dApps and allowing users to effortlessly route assets to any major DeFi platform.”

Working on a multi-party computation system similar to a multi-signature wallet, ValueRouter’s mechanics are very similar to that of Multichain.

This unexpected move raised eyebrows in some circles, and crypto researcher ZachXBT advised the team to handle the $125 million unaccounted for before making a new venture.

Nick SR, who manages Fantom Foundation’s social media, commented succinctly, “It’s too early.”

*This is not investment advice.

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