The Source of Bitcoin’s Rise Has Been Announced: Don’t Be Deceived, the Price Will Come to This Level!

Cryptocurrency analysis and trading company QCP Capital stated that the recent rise in Bitcoin (BTC) was due to the rumor that Mt.Gox payments will be postponed to 2024.

QCP Capital shed light behind the rise in the cryptocurrency market, especially Bitcoin. The company responded to the recent developments in Bitcoin price. 5%The main reason for the rise close to Mt.Gox Bitcoin payments It will be postponed to 2024 He claimed that it was due to the rumors circulating about the incident.

QCP Capital also reported this rise last month. US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with Grayscale He compared it to the rise of Bitcoin following the case. Mt. Gox It was stated that an official statement from the authorities could reduce the price of Bitcoin, just like it did shortly after the court decision last month:

The reason for this rise in Bitcoin is Mt. Rumors that Gox payments will be postponed to 2024. With only a month left until the expected date, we believe many people are trading on this issue. However, an official announcement by the authorities will have a short impact similar to the announcement of the SEC and GBTC case decision last month, followed by a decline.

However, macroeconomic risks and the US In the fourth quarter of 2023 a possible covid variant yIt was reminded that the closure situation may affect the crypto market more deeply. Recently, October for Bitcoin $22K price target The issuing company stated that it stands behind this estimate. In its previous analysis, QCP Capital stated that after the bottom was formed in October, there would be an increase until the first quarter of next year.

Mt. Gox 2014 went bankrupt in 142 thousand Bitcoins He was buried under the rubble of the stock market. In the statement made by the authorities at the beginning of this year, the payment date was September 30, 2023 was indicated, but then it was announced that they planned to complete the basic payment, early payment and interim payments by October 31, 2023.

Even in this latest statement made by the authorities, it was stated that this period could be extended if the Tokyo District Court deemed it necessary, and no clarity was provided on the subject.

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