The Series in Bitcoin Funds Ended, Corporates Turned Bullish: Money Flowed into This Altcoin!

While Bitcoin (BTC) exceeded the $ 28,000 level after a long time, the 6-week outflow series in institutional cryptocurrency funds ended.

In the data shared by Coinshares on its official blog page, the outflow of institutional cryptocurrency funds is one after another. 6th week after reaching week entry occurred transferred. Last week corporate cryptocurrency to the funds $21 million while money is coming in in Solana The amount of entry attracted great attention.

It ranks first in inflows into corporate cryptocurrency funds with $20.4 million again Bitcoin (BTC) took place.

on the other hand 1.5 million in Ethereum (ETH) dollar fund outflow with 7th week while lying down short Bitcoin from the fund 1.5 million dollarAn output of 100% was observed.

Fund inflow to Solana (SOL) again!

While there is not much volume in altcoins under normal conditions, last week in Solana The incident hit the agenda like a bombshell. of this year 23 weeks out of 27 weeks Solana, which experienced entry, became the most popular altcoin. Solana last week 5 million dollars received investment. Such large investments are made by institutional investors. Bullish trend in Solana shows that it is.

On the other hand, country-based exits USA was at the top of the list. USA, $19 million While signing the exit, there was almost no money outflow from other countries. Germany 17.7 million It attracted attention with its dollar inflow.

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