The Richest 77 Million People Cause Huge Harm to the World

According to research conducted by Oxfam International, the richest 77 million people in the world cause as much carbon emissions as the poorest 5 billion people.

The fight against climate change continues. Even though this struggle is a common struggle of humanity, it is not possible to say that everyone is equally responsible. Oxfam International‘s latest research also reveals this situation. According to the research, the richest 1 percent exceeds the total carbon emissions of more than 5 billion people.

Shared just before world leaders gathered

conducted by the Stockholm Environment Institute in 2019. “Climate Equality: A Planet for the 99%” In the new research, which is a repeat of the study called has the highest income Carbon emissions of people with diabetes were examined. In other words, while the richest 1% in the USA includes people with annual income over 140 thousand dollars, this limit was different in other countries. The report comes at a meeting of world leaders in Dubai this month. COP28 It was published before the summit.

According to research, he is the richest man in the world 77 million people, the poorest 5.11 billion It causes more carbon emissions than humans. In this case, the carbon footprint caused by investments is also effective. However, it is not possible to blame investments alone. For example, Bernard Arnault, the founder of Louis Vuitton, causes 1270 times more carbon emissions than an average French citizen, even if we leave aside all his investments.

One of the authors of the study According to Max Lawson It is much easier for rich people to reduce their carbon footprint. However, according to Lawson, the main message to be drawn from this is that the policies to be determined should be progressive. It may be possible to achieve this through taxes or other sanctions.


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Also, all rich people are equally to carbon emissions Why doesn’t it happen? Billionaires cause more emissions than people further down the list. In addition, half of the world’s carbon emissions are accounted for by the richest 10%.

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