The release date of the General Mobile GM 22 family has been announced!

From domestic smartphone manufacturers General Mobilecontinues to expand its product family. The company, which has been in front of users for a long time with its price-performance-oriented products, has not broken the tradition this year. GM is getting ready to introduce the new members of the series.

Finally, it is prepared to offer the next generation mobile experience to its customers. General Mobile, GM 22 his family and GM Watch announced the date when it will introduce its smart watch. Here are the products that the company will introduce soon…

General Mobile GM 21 unboxing

We unboxed the GM 21 model, the brother of the GM 21 Plus and GM 21 Pro models, on live broadcast and made a preliminary review!

General Mobile GM 22 family and GM Watch coming January 25

Introducing the GM 21 family, which attracted attention with its features last year, General Mobile managed to attract users who wanted affordable products in particular. In addition, the company, which also offers fully wireless headphones for sale, is also entering the smart watch market this year.

Image taken from GM 21 series.

Prepared to offer an extraordinary mobile experience, General Mobile will be at 12:00 on Tuesday, January 25th., GM 22 Pro, GM 22 Plus, GM 22 and GM Watch will present its products to users. The products that will attract attention in the mobile world will be opened for pre-order on January 25, 2022.

General MobileUsers who want to have the new generation mobile products of . Unfortunately, the technical specifications and price of the product remain unclear for now. However, it is possible to say that a mid-range product will come from the previous models.

So what do you think about this subject? General Mobile GM 22 his family and GM Would you consider buying the Watch? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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