The Question That Shows How Intelligent You Are: The Table Tennis Problem

Today we come to you with a question that will force your brain. We think that the question we will ask will force you a little.

“Only 1% of people answer this questionYou have faced many logic questions with titles such as “. There is no such claim in the question we will ask today. However, despite this, will force We are here with a question.

If you can answer this question, you are above the average intelligence level, especially numerically We can easily say that you are talented. The question we’re going to ask you today is a table tennis problem. So let’s take a look at our question.

There are 3 friends who love to play table tennis: Ayşegül, Koray and Duygu. These 3 friends decide to organize a tournament together.

Two players are playing in this tournament. The loser steps aside and the other player starts playing with the winner of the previous match. After playing for a while Ayşegül has played the last 7 games in a row. he says he is tired and the friends look at the number of games they play. According to this Ayşegül played 12 games, Koray 8, Duygu played 14 games. says.

In the light of all this information Who won game 4? Yes, at the first stage, you may think that it is very difficult to find the answer to our question from the information we have. Still, give yourself a chance and try to find the answer.

Push yourself a little before answering. We believe you can find the answer.

Have you found? Let’s move on to the answer then:

To find the answer to the question, we need to proceed step by step. Firstly Let’s find out how many games these 3 friends played. For this we will sum the number of games played. The number of games played by 3 friends is 34. Of course, table tennis is not a game that only one person can play. Therefore, we need to divide this number by two. As a result, this 3-man tournament We see that 17 games were played in total.

As you will remember from the question The winning player continued the game while the losing player was waiting. After the other game was played, it would start playing again. Let’s take an example to explain this better. Let’s say Ayşegül and Koray played. When Ayşegül wins the game, she will continue the game and play a match with Duygu. Koray will wait. After Ayşegül and Duygu’s match, Koray will take the place of the loser again.


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Now that we have this information, let’s go back to the 3 friend’s tournament. We know that Koray played 8 games. If Koray had played the first game, he would have waited in the 2nd game and re-entered in the 3rd game. If we consider 17 games in total as a number, we can deduce that Koray played odd or even numbers. If he entered the game in single numbers, he should have played 9 games, but Koray played 8 games. For this reason, we find that Koray started the game in the second game. Moreover Unfortunately, Koray has not won any games.


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Since we know that Koray plays every even number of times, we found the first name of the 4th game. So Koray was playing in the 4th game and he lost.

Now we get to the key answer to our question. Who won this 4th game? First of all, Ayşegül and Duygu played against each other in every game that Koray did not play. With this Ayşegül has played in the last 7 games as well. Also, since Koray did not play, Ayşegül and Duygu played in the first game. If we look at all this, we see that Ayşegül played in games 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. because Ayşegül played 12 games in total. and between them he played continuously in the last 7 games. Since it started with the first match, we see that it progressed with a single point.

All this information shows us that these are the games Ayşegül plays. At this point, the answer to our question emerges. Since Ayşegül did not play in the 4th game, we conclude that this game was between Koray and Duygu and Duygu was the winner. According to this calculation, you can see who Ayşegül, Koray and Duygu played in the tournament from the chart below.

So who could find the answer? Let’s meet in the comments.

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