The Movement of This Whale Attracted the Attention of Investors: 28.6 Million Altcoin Transfer!

XRP, especially Ripple vs. has been on investors’ radar lately due to ongoing speculation regarding the SEC case. Meanwhile, on a major blockchain transaction, a Whale Alert report according to, 28.6 million XRP was moved from an unknown wallet to a crypto exchange earlier today. The latest move follows the transfer of 75 million XRP this week, which sparked speculation among market participants.

Whale Transferred 29 Million Ripples in His Latest Move

According to the latest report, 28,600,000 XRP worth $14.64 million were transferred to Bitstamp exchange from an unknown wallet or anonymous source on September 19. This move comes after an anonymous source sent 100,000,000 XRP to Ripple Labs over the weekend.

However, 100 million senders were later Canadian cryptocurrency It was found to be a wallet associated with the exchange SideShift. Ripple then transferred 75,000,000 XRP to one of its wallets and 46,000,000 XRP to an unknown recipient. These transactions indicate that Ripple is involved in over-the-counter exchanges or asset redistribution. In another transaction, the company moved 30,000,000 XRP from a Ripple wallet to the Bitstamp exchange on September 19, according to Bithomp, as we reported.

Potential Impact of FOMC on XRP Price

Despite the significant transaction, XRP recorded gains, approaching $0.52 on September 20. At the time of writing, XRP price increased by 1.99% to $0.5189 and its one-day volume increased by 0.17% to $1,006,300,171. Meanwhile, altcoinThe highest and lowest price in the last 24 hours were $0.5233 and $0.5043 respectively.

Recently, the cryptocurrency has been under the spotlight after XRP legal representatives criticized the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) for removing XRP from approved cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

In addition, Ripple Vs. John Deaton, the lawyer representing XRP holders in the SEC case, hinted that a big announcement will be made. Although it remains unclear whether this announcement is related to the XRP case, it has sparked speculation in the market.

Meanwhile, investors are now awaiting the FOMC meeting scheduled for later today. Experts say that the decision to increase interest rates, aside from the XRP price, crypto- predicts a potential impact on the market.

Although the market expects the Fed to pause its rate hike plan for now, any surprise move could significantly impact market sentiment. Notably, traders have 99% confidence in the Fed pausing rate hikes, as noted in the CME FedWatch Tool’s assessment of the FOMC meetings.

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