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There are thousands of altcoins in the cryptocurrency market, and they are all striving to reach the top position in terms of influence, market cap, and user base. However, only a few are able to top the altcoin rankings. For example, cryptocurrencies such as the biggest meme coin Dogecoin (DOGE), the newly released Aptos (APT); It has made its mark on the crypto market lately. However, there is another altcoin that attracts the attention of investors. In this article, we will talk about Bitcoin (BITCI), one of the altcoins that investors have been talking about recently, and the latest developments in crypto money. Here are the details…

Investors’ eyes are on BITCI, not DOGE or APT

Currently, the cryptocurrency market is dominated by the FTX bankruptcy and the accompanying market downturn. Many coins have slumped to their lowest levels they haven’t seen in years. For example, the value of Bitcoin, the largest crypto, fell below the $20,000 level with the news of the collapse in FTX. The coin recorded lows of $16,000, which it hasn’t recorded in two years. However, such times are generally seen as the “collecting from the bottom” phase. In other words, even though prices are decreasing right now, traders who think that we will see a rise in the market in the future are buying cryptos at low prices. So they make a profit when prices go up.

This caused users to search for the altcoin with the potential to rise in the future. Although cryptocurrencies such as DOGE and Aptos have come to the fore recently; It seems like the stars are fading right now. Especially as a result of developments such as the width of its user base and its effect on the market, Bitcoin (BITCI) draws attention. Also, interest in Bitci, which already offers more than 30 fan tokens, is likely to grow as the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Qatar.

Bitcicoin is built on the native Blockchain Bitcichain and is widely used in the Bitci ecosystem. Especially on the Bitci exchange, you can see that many altcoins have BITCI parity. Since Bitcicoin is the coin of the Bitcichain network, it is called the first cryptocurrency with its own Blockchain network in Turkey. Besides As we have also reported, has recently globalized and started to serve as an international exchange. Besides its use on the exchange, the coin is also gaining in value through fan tokens and NFT projects on Bitcichain. Apart from this, there are things that increase Bitci’s reputation in the field of crypto money and Blockchain. For example, investing in innovations in the market.

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30 million TL investment from Bitci Holding to metaverse projects

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, web3 and metaverse domains have always been interrelated. Bitci’s parent company, Bitci Holding, has recently made a name for itself by investing in three projects for the metaverse. According to the statements, Bitci Holding has invested in VRMars, Metagalactica and YachtingVerse. The total investments are worth 30 million TL. In order to support Metaverse projects, the company revealed that it has allocated a fund of 100 million TL.

After these investments, a listing and pre-sale move came. Bitci announced that it will list the VRM token for the VRMars project. During the 1st phase sale, the coin can be purchased for $0.0035, and for the 2nd phase sale for $0.0070.

Fan token interest growing, many exchanges listing BITCI

Another catalyst for Bitci’s growth is the FIFA World Cup. As it is known, the event that took place in Qatar turned the focus of the whole world to football. In the cryptocurrency space, fan tokens (fan tokens) gained momentum. Fan tokens are cryptocurrencies that represent membership in a community, such as the fan base of a sports team.

Currently, fan tokens are outperforming the overall crypto market. Interest in Bitci’s BFT for Brazil’s national football team and SNFT for Spain’s national team may also be on the rise. It is quite possible that this situation will positively affect BITCI as well. Bitci has even created a token burning calendar for Brazilian and Spanish fan tokens based on the teams’ performance in the World Cup.

It is also worth noting that many global exchanges list cryptocurrencies in the BITCI ecosystem. The latest listings are as follows:

  • BitMart listed BFT on November 19.
  • BingX added BITCI and Bitci football fan tokens.
  • featured Bitci in its “answer and win” series.
  • WhiteBIT has announced that it will list Bitcoin (BITCI) on the exchange.
  • CoinEx; It lists BITCI, SNFT, FPFT and BFT.

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