The Hacker’s Tactics Attacking the Market Maker Revealed: Most of the Altcoins Are from Binance!

It was noticed that most of the stolen funds of Taiwan-based market maker Kronos Research were withdrawn from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Kronos Research 19 November day API key due to leak more than $25 million The asset was stolen. Reported by on-chain detective X-explore to data According to these beings more than $22 million cryptocurrency exchange from Binance withdrew.

The latest data revealed that the cyber attacker transferred more than $22 million of crypto money from Binance to Kronos Research and then to his own wallet.

X-explore hacker’s exchange whitelist He stated that he may not have sent these assets directly to his own wallet in order to avoid being stuck in the mechanism. If such sudden and large amounts of cryptocurrency withdrawals are not made to the address determined by the exchange as “secure”, the process may take longer and the possibility of the attacker being caught increases.

Following these developments, Kronos stopped all buying and selling transactions. The company lost $25 million a small part of the main capital He claimed that he created

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