The Giant Market Maker Deposited His Last Funds to Binance for the Artificial Intelligence Altcoin!

Giant market maker DWF Labs moved its last remaining assets from an altcoin investment to Binance.

Reported by on-chain analysis platform Spot On Chain to data according to March 3 DWF Labs took action on the day of the last (FET) transfer their assets to cryptocurrency exchanges to Binance sent.

Data sent by market maker to Binance $3.82 million worth 2.05 million FETs He revealed what he conveyed. If DWF Labs made these transfers for the purpose of selling, they will be sold at the current price. profit of approximately $7.07 million he will have done.

FET, which has shown a significant upward performance in recent months as an artificial intelligence-focused cryptocurrency project, has only recently 80% within 1 week It gained value around . FET, which was not negatively affected by the market maker’s transfer transaction, was at the time of writing. from $1.90 is being traded.

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