The first images from the new Captain America have arrived!

The first scenes from Captain America: Brave New World were shown at the Marvel event at CinemaCon. Anthony Mackie’s performance as the new Captain America and Harrison Ford’s debut as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross caught the attention of viewers.

The postponement of the film’s 2024 release date was a disappointment for the waiting fans. Fortunately, we are returning to the Marvel universe in 2025, and Brave New World will be the first step on this journey.

Image source: Entertainment Weekly

A significant portion of the film will involve Sam Wilson’s encounter with President Ross. Following the death of William Hurt, Harrison Ford’s decision to take over the iconic role created controversy among fans. However, it seems that Ford’s portrayal of Ross is quite impressive and will make a significant contribution to the new development of the character.

Another point that attracted attention in the preview was the activation of sleeper agents. Activated by a song, these agents are tasked with killing the president. This shows that Sam Wilson has an unexpected enemy.

The first short film produced with artificial intelligence: “The Next Stop is Paris”

The first short film produced with artificial intelligence: “The Next Stop is Paris”

Future Destination Paris, which is the first short film produced with generative artificial intelligence, will be broadcast on TCL +.

Anthony Mackie’s comments gave clues about the tone of the film. The film, which will adopt a more realistic approach, can open a new page in the Marvel universe. As Mackie emphasized, this movie looks set to feature Sam Wilson as the main protagonist.

Captain America: Brave New World could be a turning point in the Marvel universe. It seems to open the doors to a new story, new characters and a new universe. What do you think about the first images of the movie, which will be released in 2025? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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