The first details for Far Cry 7 have emerged!

Far Cry, Ubisoft’s biggest franchise after Assasin’s Creed, has been quiet for a long time. In retrospect, there has been no news since Far Cry 6, which was released in October 2021, is a new one every year or two. Now, according to several sources, Ubisoft, Far Cry 7 is working for. Here are the details…

Allegedly, Far Cry 7 will arrive in 2025!

According to an employee who has been in the development phase of Far Cry productions many times in the past, Ubisoft has released Far Cry 7 and multiplayer working for a Far Cry game. Allegedly, both Project Blackbird codenamed Far Cry 7 as well as Project Maverick A Far Cry multiplayer project codenamed is in development at Ubisoft Toronto. Dan Hay, who has been developing the Far Cry game for years, actually started these two projects as a whole, but when Hay left and moved to Blizzard, the project split into two.

According to rumors, the Far Cry multiplayer project will use the Tarkov system. The production, which will include features such as the backpack system and permanent death, is being developed simultaneously with Far Cry 7. Ubisoft Montreal studio also plays a big role in these games. Also, this production of Alaska It is among the rumors that it will take place in the wild.

The waters do not settle in Ubisoft!  Employees started a strike

The waters do not settle in Ubisoft! Employees started a strike

Ubisoft employees are preparing to go on strike due to pressure and mismanaged crises in the company! Details are at the bottom of the news.

Ubisoft, which has not been able to put long-term games on track, except for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, will try to reach its goal with this game. However, Ubisoft has removed the existing Dumia engine in both Far Cry 7 projects, the engine used for the upcoming open-world Star Wars game. to Snowdrop it will pass. Finally, both games in 2025 expected to be released.

Ubisoft has been going through tough times lately. Finally, the company, which dealt with the strike of the Ubisoft Paris studio, due to the fact that many games did not reach the expected sales. economic as in decline. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that in order to solve this problem, their employees need to work more devotedly. After that, the heated argument ended with a strike.

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