The Effects of the Mediterranean Diet on Our Brain Revealed

Scientists in France examined the effect of the nutritional model called “Mediterranean Diet” on people’s brains.

Scientists have long dementia and Alzheimer’s It investigates such phenomena. In addition to issues such as our sleep patterns, stress levels, and activities, another issue that researchers are curious about is the effect of our diet on our brain. Made in France and lasting 12 years A study may give us some answers at this point.

In our country Aegean and Mediterranean on its shores, and in Europe, Greece, ItalyThe Mediterranean diet, preferred in Southern Spain and a small part of France, is used to describe a diet consisting mainly of vegetables and fruits, unprocessed legumes, fish, cheese and olive oil. A study conducted in France shows that this type of nutrition has a positive effect on brain health.

Eating a Mediterranean diet prevents dementia

The positive effects of the Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular health were known. over 65 years old with 840 participants The new study revealed that the benefits of this diet include contributing to brain health. Firstly Mediterranean diet, were separated according to seven major dietary components, and a Mediterranean diet metabolomics score was created based on this separation. Thus, the researchers determined the biomarkers they would monitor throughout the study.

In this study, scientists examined biomarkers. These small molecules, called metabolomics, which we see from time to time in tissues, cells and other cell components, are used both in diseases and in the past. nutrition can provide information about their preferences. Scientists who studied these structures also performed regular tests on the participants. The tests, administered by five neuroscientists, were carried out every 2-3 years. These tests included both measurement of cognitive skills and value measurements such as tomography.

Data collected from test results, Mediterranean diet The results were also compared with the results of the control group that was not fed with food. In this comparison, it is necessary examination results It turned out that people who prefer the Mediterranean diet are in better condition both in terms of metabolomics, which indicates diseases. Moreover, it was observed that the decline in cognitive capacity of people who ate a Mediterranean diet was lower.


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On the other hand, another point that draws attention in the research is that some results seems inconsistent happened. According to researchers, the reason for this situation is that the answers given by the participants in the surveys do not fully reflect the truth.

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