The Developer Team Made a Large Transfer to Binance for This Altcoin: It Had a Big Dump Last Time, This Time It’s Rising!

Developers of decentralized cloud storage platform Storj, native token from STORJ a large amount cryptocurrency transferred it to the exchange Binance.

According to the data, the Storj team deposited a total of 6.25 million STORJ altcoins worth approximately $2.14 million to Binance through GSR Markets, a liquidity provider and market maker for digital assets.

This isn’t the first time Storj developers have moved their tokens to Binance. In June 2023, the team deposited 5 million STORJ tokens to the same exchange, worth approximately $2.55 million at the time. However, the market’s reaction at that time was different. After the deposit in June, the price of STORJ fell by 78% in a few days, falling from $0.51 to $0.28.

On the other hand, this time the price of STORJ increased by 34% in the last week since the deposit, from $0.28 to $0.38. The price of the token has also risen during the day and is trading at $0.3842, up 2.88% at the time of writing.

Chart with daily candles showing the rise of the altcoin in the last week or so.

*This is not investment advice.

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