The decision has been announced: additional MTV intensity in e-Government!

The Constitutional Court (AYM) has finally announced its decision regarding the additional MTV, which has been on the agenda for a while. After the decision was announced, there was a great intensity and slowdown in e-Government. Users had difficulty logging into the system. Here are the details!

There is a slowdown in the e-Government “My Tools” tab!

In order to meet the financing needs of the earthquakes that occurred on February 6, President Erdoğan decided to add additional MTV. Accordingly, citizens who own a vehicle are subject to a one-time 2x MTV They would pay. Republican People’s Party (CHP) He opposed this decision.

Claiming that the decision in question is against the law to the Constitutional Court applied. Now the Constitutional Court has made its decision on the issue. The court unanimously rejected the application made by CHP. refused.

Togg price list: How much is a domestic car? [2023]

Togg price list: How much is a domestic car? [2023]

Togg, the fledgling player of the automotive industry, is one of the most trending companies in our country. Here is the Togg T10X price list!

Thus, the additional MTV decision will remain in effect. As a result, vehicle owners will have to make additional MTV payments whether they want to or not. Many citizens waiting for this decision are waiting for payment. to e-Government headed.

After the decision was announced, tax payment was made in e-Government.My toolsThere was a great intensity in the “” tab. Users who want to make payments have difficulty entering the system. Also payments Tax Office directorates going or Internet banking You can also do it via .

So, what do you think about this decision? Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comments section!

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