The Clearest MRI Scan Images of the Human Brain Have Been Taken

The world’s most powerful MRI device, which was previously used to examine a pumpkin, was used to scan a human brain for the first time.

in france Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) The world’s most powerful developed by MRI scanning deviceIt was used to image the human brain for the first time in history. In fact, the necessary permissions and approvals for the device, which was put into service in 2021, to be used on humans, could only be completed in three years.

Over the past few months, known healthy With the participation of 20 volunteers In the studies carried out, the new MRI device was tested. In studies carried out in the Plateau de Saclay region, one of the important technology centers of France, the human brain was imaged most clearly.

New hope for treating diseases

Among the names involved in the project Physicist Alexandre Vignaud, “We’ve never seen a hit like this at CEA before” while using the expressions, he also compared the images coming from the device with a standard MRI image. Vignaud, with the new device, examined the images in different parts of the brain that could not be imaged before or could only be imaged very little. even tiny capillaries He said that they could observe it very clearly.

A unit of measurement called Tesla is used as the unit of measurement of magnetic fields. While standard hospital MRI devices generally create magnetic fields of 10 Tesla or less, the new device 11.7 Tesla It can create a strong magnetic field. This makes more detailed examinations possible. The new machine has 10 times higher imaging capacity. The scanner, which is 5 meters in diameter, has a 132-ton magnet.


The device was developed in partnership with German and French scientists over a 20-year the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that occur during is intended to be used. It is stated that it will take a few more years for the device to be used on patients.


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