The 36 Million Villa of the Founder Who Crashed Cryptocurrencies Was Converted into a Farm!

The luxury villa of Su Zhu, co-founder of the bankrupt hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), has been converted into an ecological farm.

3AC co-founder who was recently arrested and sent to prison Su Zhu’s His luxury villa and garden in Singapore Evelyn Tao‘s company Abundant Cities It was converted into an urban farm operated by.

In the news presented by Singapore local media, Abundant Cities company at least since the beginning of the year villa and surrounding land private tour trips And ecological studies It was stated that he used it for

Su Zhu and his wife bought the villa and land in question. March 2022‘also $35.6 million received in return. However, after the bankruptcy last year Zhu’s It was brought up that he wanted to sell the villa in question. On the other hand, the villa and the surrounding land are in the bankruptcy of 3AC. not part of the liquidation plan.

The villa and the surrounding land currently operate as an ecological farm producing local vegetables, special herbs, fruits, fish and ducks. In addition, this area is also used as the research and development center of Abundant Cities.

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