The £1500 Balenciaga bag became an event on social media!

luxury brand Balenciagawent viral on social media. The reason is a newly introduced your bag design. The brand, which draws attention with the prices and designs of the products it frequently launches, is at the center of jokes this time. Established in Spain and headquartered in Paris, the company launched its newly introduced bag. £490 thousand It was put up for sale with (17 thousand 415 TL). However, the event is more than the price. design it happened. Especially after a post on Twitter, many people made witty statements. Here are a few comments on the design of the bag…

Pegasus’ PCR response stirs social media

A statement by Pegasus regarding the PCR requirement caused reactions on social media. Customers are uncomfortable with this situation.

Balenciaga bag “market bag” reviews

Social media users, promoted by luxury brand Balenciaga shopping bag both criticized and mocked. Used to transport fruits and vegetables in markets we are familiar with from Turkey. in plastic cloth bags likened. The company, on the other hand, wrote a very ambitious promotional article for the bag.

Balenciaga bag
That bag at the center of jokes…

The front of the Balenciaga brand shopping bag logo is located. Embossed calf leather The bag has blue, white and red squares. It also has removable straps, inside pockets and two upper arms. Meanwhile, the company cotton and boasts of the bag because it is made from 100 percent calfskin.

The bag is being compared to cheaper alternatives by social media users. Here are some Twitter shares;

“I’ll tell my nanny you’re 30 years ahead of fashion.”
It was used in Africa before I was born.
“This is like the bag my grandma kept our meals in on the way to the beach.”