Tesla Model S competed with Chevrolet Corvette

We all know that electric cars are quite fast. Tesla Model S, which can directly transfer the power from the engine to the wheels, was compared to the racing legend Chevrolet Corvette. The result may be sad for Chevrolet fans.

Tesla Model S vs Chevrolet Corvette drag race

A video posted on X (Twitter) shows the Tesla Model S beating the Chevrolet Corvette in a drag race. According to the images, the Model S crossed the finish line in 9.36 seconds, while the Corvette crossed the finish line in 10.6 seconds.

The 0-100 km/h times of both cars are around 1.99 seconds for the Model S and 2.9 seconds for the Corvette. This shows that the Model S actually wins on paper. However, the video revealed the acceleration power of electric cars.

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Corvette has been one of the popular models in the sports car world for years. However, it should be noted that the Model S is also more expensive. USA Chevrolet Corvette from 66 thousand dollars; Model S is from 74 thousand dollars starting.

In addition to being fast in 0-100 km/h, electric cars meet carbon neutral targets with zero emissions. Switching to more electric vehicles could greatly help improve air quality, research shows.

On the other hand, a speed record was recently broken with the Tesla Model S Plaid. The maximum speed that the vehicle can reach is stated as 322 kilometers, according to factory data. In a test video, it reaches a speed of 318 kilometers.

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