Terra (LUNA) Whistleblower, Source Robust Says: Unknown Corruption by FTX Revealed!

Earlier Terra (Luna) @FatManTerra, who shared the unknown critical details about Do Kwon’s collapse on his Twitter account, made a previously undisclosed claim in his last post.

“FTX Wanted to Save Voyager From Bankruptcy To Delay It Was Known That It Was Bankrupt And Manipulated The Tender”

In his post, citing his own sources, FatMan said that FTX manipulated the bid to buy the assets of the bankrupt cryptocurrency company Voyager, and that the former Binance.US CEO, who joined Voyager’s board of directors after he was fired by Binance, was involved:

“An insider has confirmed that FTX is manipulating the Voyager assets auction to place the winning bid. This was done to delay Voyager’s loans to FTX & Alameda, which would have exposed SBF’s fraudulent practices much sooner.”

FatMan said that Brian Brooks, former CEO of Binance.US, who was fired by CZ, is on the board of Voyager and this name is close with SBF:

“In September, articles were published describing CFIUS concerns regarding Binance’s Voyager offering and citing anonymous sources. Information was shared with me showing that these concerns were unfounded and were propagated by M Group Communications, the public relations firm of FTX at the time.

Brian Brooks, the disgraced ex-CEO of Binance US (who was fired by CZ), who has worked with Reuters to write a smash hit, also sits on the Voyager board. Coincidentally he has sweet deals with FTX, such as paid speaking events in the Bahamas.

For the sake of clarity, these points have been fully confirmed:

– FTX publicly manipulating the Voyager bidding process

– The real reason behind the “saving” of SBF

While Brian Brooks’ link to the auction is speculative, industry experts believe this is another tactic used by FTX.”

FatMan, the other sinking in FTX’s time cryptocurrency He claimed that the reason for his attempts to buy his companies was actually to protect himself by reducing the risk of exposure:

“Not long ago, SBF rolled up its sleeves to save companies in the market. But why? Why put yourself first when you are on the verge of bankruptcy? Today we have an answer: self-protection. Winning the Voyager contract was an important milestone in maintaining the exterior.

What would happen if someone else had won the auction?

Voyager’s new owners would recall FTX/Alameda’s credits. At this point, the sand castle would collapse and the bankruptcy charade of FTT would be exposed. That’s why SBF was scrambling to “save” Voyager.”

*Not investment advice.

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