Terra Founder Do Kwon’s Secret Cryptocurrency Wallet Revealed: Here Are All His Assets

A company that started its operations a short time ago cryptocurrency For the first time, a cryptocurrency detective has received an award on Arkham, an on-chain tracking platform.

Two cryptocurrency detectives identified previously unknown wallet addresses, a significant part of which belonged to Terraform Labs, thus revealing the company’s unknown assets.

The payment made by Arkham to the detectives was 9,519.26 ARKHM, worth approximately $4,950.

Here are the cryptocurrencies in Terraform Labs wallets with the latest data:

  • BTC: 5,292k BTC worth $154.07 million
  • ETH: 2,753 thousand ETH worth $5.09 million
  • CVX: 483,755k CVX worth $1.64 million
  • GOHM: 209,365 GOHMs worth $594.02k
  • USDT: 45,475K USDT worth $45.47k
  • BUSD: 26,161K BUSD worth $26.16k
  • USDC: $25.285K USDC worth $25.29K
  • CVXCRV: 34,328k CVXCRV worth $24.25k
  • LUNA: 233.64 million LUNA worth $19.11k
  • TOP: 1.415 million USD worth $21.85k
  • FXS: 994.33 FXS worth $5.89k
  • HERO: 877K HEROs worth $2.56K
  • GUSD: 1.092K GUSD worth $1.09k
  • BNB: 3,512 BNB worth $835.38
  • DAI: 648,165 DAI worth $648.16
  • SHIB: 49,323M SHIB worth $377.32
  • AXS: 51,656 AXS worth $316.14
  • MCR: 0.2 MKR worth $217.03
  • AGIX: 856 AGIX worth $188.88

*Not investment advice.

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