Terra Classic Accepts Major Update: Another Problem Solved on the Way to $1!

Terra Classic The community officially accepted the proposal to solve the “rank mismatch” problem. As the altcoin’s efforts to reach $1 gain momentum, the social dominance of LUNC and USTC also increases.

Proposal 11885, submitted by project manager Vinh on November 26, seeks to address a key issue contributing to the incompatibility of the series. In particular, this string mismatch negatively impacts some Terra Classic validators when they attempt to make commission adjustments.

According to Vinh, the issue resulted in some accounts being banned from interacting with the network. The proposal revealed that the main trigger for the order mismatch issue was incorrect ordering of the ante decorator of the network code.

Vinh explained that after identifying the cause of the problem, the L1 Team found a solution. He confirmed that the solution would be resolved if the development team adjusted the position of the dyncomm ante decorator to place it at the correct spot in the code. According to the manager, the solution has already been tested and the fix will come with the implementation of the Terra Classic v2.3.1 update.

Suggestion number 11885 attracted attention with great support from the community. Just two days after being introduced, the proposal easily passed the threshold with up to 99.91% support votes. Voting will end on December 3.

The fix in question will be released in two stages, and in the first stage, the fix will be transferred to the code of the network. In the second stage, fixes will be made for validators affected by the problem.

The latest move is one of several developments surrounding the Terra Classic network. These developments positively affected the price movements of LUNC and TerraClassicUSD (USTC). As a result, USTC rose 301% to its highest level of the year.

The price rose as high as $0.0758, triggering a 478% increase from the $0.0131 low recorded four days ago. happened. LUNC also rose 75% from $0.00007365 on November 24 to $0.0001290 on November 25.

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