Supermassive Games laid off one third of its employees!

Another major game studio is also laying off a significant portion of its workforce. Interactive horror games Until Dawn and The Quarry developer Supermassive Games, It lays off about 90 people. That’s nearly a third of the studio’s 300-plus employees.

Supermassive Games lays off 90 people

Supermassive Games In his statement, he confirmed that the studio would be reorganized. The statement said, “As a result, we are entering a consultation process that we anticipate will result in the loss of some of our colleagues.” “Many efforts were made to avoid this outcome. So this is not a decision taken lightly.” they added.

Supermassive states that it is not safe from the “significant challenges” facing the gaming industry. In the industry since the beginning of the year more than 6,000 The worker lost his job and we haven’t even entered March yet. This is an unprecedented figure for the gaming industry, and companies seem not happy to do this.

Meanwhile independent studio Die Gute Fabrik, paused production due to financing difficulties. The developer of Saltsea Chronicles and Sportsfriends will use the remaining funding to give staff a month of paid time “to catch their breath” while they look for new work.

Huge increase in PlayStation game prices!Huge increase in PlayStation game prices!

Huge increase in PlayStation game prices!

After the increase exactly a month ago, PlayStation game prices have increased again. Let’s take a look at the new increases together.

The studio is still looking for backers to help it continue production and hopes to bring back current team members in the future. However, the company said in a statement: “The publishing and investment environment is currently so challenging for companies and projects of our size that it is extremely difficult to secure funding for our next project without a gap in revenue.”

In addition, according to the news shared in Kotaku, Naughty Dog, the producer of legendary PlayStation games, laid off a large part of its workforce. According to the source, at least 25 developers affiliated with the art and production departments were laid off due to downsizing.

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