Stream Deck can be controlled hands-free

Elgato, which is known for its video capture devices, sound cards and lighting solutions, especially for Twitch and similar broadcast platforms, has now developed a very interesting product for broadcasters. As an alternative to Stream Deck, one of the tools heavily used by Twitch broadcasters, The Stream Deck Pedal A keyless and foot-controlled control tool was launched.

‘Fair profit’ operation for Twitch publishers

Within the scope of the investigation carried out by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, an unfair profit operation was carried out on Twitch members in 11 provinces.

As it is known, users who produce content on live streaming platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube can reduce the microphone, switch between screens and like push-to-talk they have to perform many functions at the same time. In addition to many software developed for such functions, there is also hardware used in live broadcasts.

One of the most well-known among such streaming control tools is the one developed by Elgato. Stream Deck… In addition to this hardware, which is used by many Twitch broadcasters and attracts attention with its lighting and functional keys, a new product has been released.

In summary, a new product has emerged that allows you to do all the operations you can do with Stream Deck, just like you press the gas, brake and clutch pedals of a car. With this product called The Stream Deck Pedal official Discord Added support. In this way, you can instantly switch between Discord channels, use the push-to-talk feature, and turn off the microphone completely with a single foot movement.

Including taking screenshots and sharing on Twitter with this new product, which was introduced through Elgato’s official Twitter page during the day. many macro assignments can also be done. International price of The Stream Deck Pedal 89 dollars as determined. It has not been announced yet whether the product will be sold in Turkey.

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