Statement from the US House of Representatives After the Ripple Litigation: ‘Let’s Pass the Securities Law!’

Member of the US House of Representatives Tom Emmer, Ripple highlighted the importance of the lawsuit in exposing the distinction between tokens and investment contracts.

US House Representative Tom Emmer Said Let’s Pass the Securities Clarity Act

In a statement, Emmer expressed his intention to clarify this concept through the Securities Clarity Act, a bipartisan bill to provide regulatory certainty for the future development of the Internet in line with American values.

The Ripple lawsuit, which involves the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accusing Ripple Labs of making an unregistered security offering through the sale of XRP tokens, has garnered attention within the crypto community.

Emmer believes this case is a pivotal moment in recognizing that tokens can exist independently of investment contracts.

Emphasizing the need for regulatory trust, Emmer’s Securities Clarity Act aims to provide a clear legal framework for tokens and their classification.

By codifying the distinction between tokens and investment contracts, the bill aims to establish regulatory certainty and foster innovation in the digital asset space.

Emmer’s proposal is in line with the broader goal of ensuring that the next phase of the Internet is developed in line with American values.

By incorporating the concept of token separation into law, the legislation aims to foster an environment conducive to technological progress while maintaining regulatory clarity and investor protection.

As the crypto industry continues to evolve, legislative initiatives such as the Securities Clarity Act can play a crucial role in providing guidance and stability.

Emmer’s legal clarity effort aims to maintain an environment that fosters innovation, investment and economic growth in the digital asset space while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

*Not investment advice.

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