Statement from the Crypto Exchange, which has investors regarding the Cryptocurrency Project that Disappeared with User Funds

It was expected to launch its token yesterday but its listing was canceled by MEXC due to reports that users were unable to withdraw their funds. ZCasino (ZKAS) There are new developments today regarding the project and its altcoin.

The funds in question cannot be withdrawn from ZKasino’s native platform and there are no issues with general altcoin withdrawals on the MEXC exchange.

Cryptocurrency exchange MEXC said in its statement to the Chinese local media that they were only involved in the project as investors and that they, as investors, were also victims.

Examining today’s onchain data, it appears that ZKasino transferred 10,515 ETH ($33.18 million) deposited to ZKasino by a user bridge to Lido Finance. Rewards are earned by staking ETHs on Lido Finance.

In the previous period, ZKasino announced the completion of a Series A financing round worth $ 350 million with the participation of MEXC, Big Brain Holdings, Trading_axe, Pentoshi and Sisyphus. However, there are also claims that this valuation and the names participating in the financing round did not actually participate in the round, and that this was a fake news shared by the ZKasino team.

In an article previously published by ZigZag, another cryptocurrency platform, some claims were made that the ZKasino team was a fraudster.

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