State Newspaper in China That Blocked Bitcoin Did Not Stay Silent About Cryptocurrency Rises!

A Chinese government newspaper warned investors despite the trade ban on cryptocurrencies.

Chinese state-owned Economic Daily newspaper, Bitcoin And for cryptocurrencies issued a warning to investors about risks.

The newspaper reported that after the sharp increases in the price of Bitcoin cryptocurrency trading Although it is prohibited, investors they should pay attention He warned about.

In the published news, US spot Bitcoin ETF It was emphasized that despite the approval, cryptocurrency trading is prohibited in China. The ban in China Bitcoin ETF It was stated that it prevented the issuers from selling it to citizens. Investors in mainland China products for cryptocurrencies It does not allow direct purchase.

China in September 2021 cryptocurrency trading and mining activities He had banned it. However, according to the data, many Chinese citizen He still continues to make cryptocurrency transactions by exceeding the rules.

Chinese officials said in a statement last week, cryptocurrencies “laundering money” He issued a warning about the issue, stating that it had begun to be widely used for.

According to CoinGecko data bitcoin, while writing from $63,450 is being traded.

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