Spotify Subscription Prices Increased on the Way

It has been revealed that Spotify will both increase subscription fees and offer new subscription plans.

The world’s most popular music platform Spotify A strong claim was made about it, which brought disgrace to users around the world. According to the claim, Spotify subscription fees are increasing again. The company, which came to the fore with price increases in 5 market regions, has no official statement yet.

Since there is no official statement, What will be the situation for our country? There is no information about it. It is certain that the price will not fall, but there is a high probability that it will rise. Spotify, which will generally increase prices in 5 regions, will also implement the said increase decision in the USA, which is its largest region.

There is a 1-2 dollar increase in 5 regions.

Within these five regions United Kingdom, Australia and Pakistan is also included. An increase of between 1 and 2 dollars is expected in these regions by the end of April. Considering that it also increased in the United States, which is its largest region, it does not seem possible for subscription prices in our country not to increase.

Apart from this, a new subscription plan is also on the agenda. In this plan, the company offers products that include music and podcasts at its current premium price, but no access to audiobooks may come up with a plan. It is also claimed that there are different future plans apart from this plan. For example, it is claimed that a higher priced plan will offer higher sound quality. In other words, as prices increase, there are different ways to pay. flexibility will be provided.

As a result, a $1 increase is expected for individual plans and a $2 increase for family and couple plans.

Spotify’s current prices are as follows:

Plan Price
Premium Individual 59.99 TL
Premium Duo 79.99 TL
Premium Family 99.99 TL
Premium Student 32.99 TL

What do you think the new prices will be like?


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