Spider-Man: No Way Home is also caught in the NFT frenzy

spiderMan: No Way Home, 17 DecemberIt will be released worldwide. pre-vision date Spider MPre-sales for moment movie tickets start tomorrow in the US. Accordingly, the audience who will buy tickets for the preview of the film Sony and AMC Cinemas, NFT will scatter.

The most popular cryptocurrencies of November have been announced

On Twitter, where there are endless discussions about cryptocurrencies, the most talked about cryptocurrencies this month have been announced.

AMC and Sony will distribute NFT for Spider Man movie

The long-awaited and Dr. strange with Spiderman‘NS Endgame The production, which brings together the aftermath, is already among the most curious films of the year. Sony is new Spiderman He’s looking to impress the fans even more for his movie.

Accordingly, Spider-Man NFT with cryptocurrency stepping into the world. AMC has been in theaters before. shiba inu Started accepting payments. The movie theater giant, which is related to the crypto world, has now winked at the NFT market.

The new Spider-Man movie will delight some fans with NFT

Spider-Man: No Way Home pre-ordered and AMC Cinemas Stubs Premiere, A-List and Investor Connect total members 86k NFT will scatter. This distribution is the day before the movie screening. December 16will be done in .

NFTis among the most sought-after crypto products both in our country and in the world. Especially Cem Yilmaz has aroused great interest lately with his NFT works.

Spider Man movie and expectations

Spider Man No Way Home movie Dr. Strange’It created great excitement with the claims that it will bring together different Spider Man characters. Especially the first Spider-Man Tobey MaguireIt is among the allegations that he also took part in the film.

In this sense, Sony’s previous animation Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse comes to mind. Set in multiple universes that Sony handles in animation Peter Parker There is a possibility that his idea will also be included in this movie. The latest trailer and some that surfaced on Twitter poster leaks corroborates these claims. Especially on this Tobey Maguire‘s silence also revealed the allegations.

Only two trailers of the movie have been released so far. There is also news circulating on the internet that Sony and Marvel will not share more trailers to avoid any deficit. Accordingly, Sony and Marvel are afraid to miss the surprise of the movie with a new trailer.

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