Speech on climate protection, digitization and co

Ursula von der Leyen will give her second speech on the State of the European Union this Wednesday (from 9 a.m.) in the European Parliament. In addition to the consequences of the corona crisis, the EU Commission President is expected to address issues such as climate protection, digitization and the rule of law.

Another question is what lessons the EU must learn from the takeover of power by the militant Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan and how it can do more for its own defense in the future. The community of 27 states was not involved in the military operation in support of the previous government in the country. But she has invested a lot of money in projects that should prevent the Taliban from regaining power.

Given China’s growing influence, von der Leyen is also expected to address the EU’s future role in the world, for example in finding strategic partners on trade and defense issues.

The State of the Union address is given every September by the EU Commission President. This is followed by a debate with the MEPs. It is the second speech of this kind for the former German Defense Minister. The CDU politician has been President of the European Commission since December 1, 2019.

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The tasks of the authority with around 32,000 employees include making proposals for new EU laws and ensuring compliance with the European treaties. In order to ensure compliance with EU law, it can also, for example, file actions against member states before the European Court of Justice.

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