Special Article: Central Bank of Iran Hacked by Anonymous, Iranian People Turn to Bitcoin (BTC) and Tor

As the Iranian protests continued to grow, internet access was severely restricted across the country and it was reported that the public could not transact through the central bank.

FED interest decision, SEC When it comes to sanctions, price movements, users often explain the origin and purpose of cryptocurrencies. satoshi by 2009 He can forget the essence of the manifesto written in the year. Of course, financial investments and concerns are the most important building blocks that keep this market alive, but still, one should not lose faith in privacy, value and freedom of money.

Famous Bitcoin advocate and wikileaskfounder of Assangethe father of ideas and Egyptian revolution guiding people with their ideologies during Eric HughesTo quote from: “An anonymous transaction system empowers individuals to reveal their identities at will and only when they want; This is the essence of privacy.“Every internet user has to do their part to equalize the social media panopticon created as an extension of the surveillance society. At least, when that day comes when he is in a difficult situation, it seems that he should be aware of which direction he should run.

A similar situation is now IranianIt’s happening in. Putting aside the political part of the matter (although it is difficult), it is necessary to carefully analyze what tools people resort to and, so to speak, “cling” when they are oppressed by their governments and trying to be silenced against the world.

As a subject that I do not need to exemplify with too many details; Now that the Iranian government has imposed severe restrictions on internet connection and especially the public to social media almost completely cut off is reported. This has been tried by many countries before, it is not a first. So where are people looking for a solution in case of this access restriction? Tor Browser. Previously, we have prepared an article in which we compared Tor and Brave in terms of privacy and access security and presented it to you, our dear readers.

According to data provided by Tor developers, from 17-18 September, when the protests began. As of September 22, when the news was written, almost the number of users connecting to Tor via Iran was almost 3 times increased. Users, who can access social media thanks to Tor, can continue to share information about developments and announce their protests globally.

Central Bank Crashed, Demand for Cryptocurrencies

First of all, it should be noted that when it comes to collecting data about Iran, everything becomes a few times more difficult. Especially when such events take place and people cannot even communicate with each other by phone. The value of accessing decentralized data it’s coming out. It is known that Iran, which follows a policy like North Korea, follows a very strict policy in sharing its data. When a technology that is difficult to follow such as blockchain is involved, it becomes almost impossible to collect and present clear data.

The famous hacker group on September 21 anonymous shared by a in the shipment, Iran central bank hacked took place. These cyber attacks, which took place under the name of “Operation Iran”, including the largest media outlets It has had an impact on many critical systems, including According to the information transferred, for now Iranian banks It is not possible to make transactions online and ATMIt is not possible to withdraw money even through ‘s.

Based on data provided by Ciphertrace IPs originating from Iran There is evidence that it has created a large number of new Bitcoin addresses in recent days. mostly capital city TeheranWe would like to state once again that the up-to-dateness and accuracy of this data belonging to . GoogleIn a geography where even . Communities that prefer the Tor Browser when access to social networks is restricted, turn to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies when their money is confiscated. These signs may be giving us clues to remember the essence of the “crypto” event and what points we should focus on while shaping the future.

On the other hand, it is known that the Iranian government has made millions of dollars of import transactions with Bitcoin in the past months. Although the restrictions within the country continue, the government’s first digital central bank money (CBDC) is expected to be released.

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